2014 Lucy GLXY

2015 Studiowerk voor Lucy GLXY

Lucy in the Sky , a singleroom hotel , combines the power of architects and visual artists into an extraordinary urban retreat . When sleeping in a Lucy , you will spend your night in a work of art . Each retreat is designed for a specific location and offers a unique view on the surroundings. Every Lucy is a singleroom hotel and offers 100% privacy, once checked in you can leave the stress of everyday life behind and enjoy viewing the harbour or the streetlife, a royal Auping bed, organic breakfast or just the solitude of good company and a bottle of whine…


About 8 years ago the harbour district ( see location ) was given new life after years of neglect and economic decline . Local gouvernment offered young artists, designers and musicians the possibility to start a breeding ground for a creative community , simular to more places in Europe at the time . This change in destiny for the harbour district opened up the possibilities for serious action in public space and that’s where we come in . Being part of that creative community , we teamed up in 2011 as four friends Albert, Paul , Timo & Guido with the aim to create a public space which is more fun ,more inspiring and more surprising . The first project to start was the creation of 3 artistic designed sky loft residencies , Lucy in the Sky . With these singleroom hotel units we could uplift the harbour area and in the proces of creation have lot’s a fun with beer & pizza .

What about Lucy…………….

In the proces of designing the Lucy’s ,we started in 2011 by inviting 4 arcitects and 4 artists ( see partnerlist )to team up and work on a design for a unique singleroom hotel . Each team consists of an artist and an architect ( or duo’s ) and by combining these 2 disciplines the project Lucy in the Sky explores how design in buildings and public space can be uplifted. More interesting, more inspiring and more innovative. Each team has its own signature and so does each design . The first thing to do was to explore the area and come up with an idea , this periode of research gave us 4 designs from which we choose 3 to build . 3 suitable spots in the harbor area were choosen as defintive locations… one being Lucy Cube looking like a monumental white block on top of the old grainhopper near the water ,where as Lucy GLXY arouses phantasies on intergalactic or submarine travels at the main entrance and Lucy PWR showing urban strength in a bold an energetic way , in the middle of a new housing porject . ( but will be moved on the water ) The project which started in 2011 became reality in 2014. Thanks to many many partners the project was financed, organized, realised and will be open for public till 2019. So what is there to know about Lucy …., well she’s three of a kind . The first is Lucy Cube , build on top of the old grainhopper at the waterside , designed by MuldersvandenBerk architects & Rob Sweere , then there is Lucy GLXY desigend by Studio Groen & Schild anad Spacecowboys, your own vessel for a intergalactic hike through the galaxy , at te main entrance of the Havenkwartier . Number three is Lucy PWR and like a true nomad she will follow free space were ever there is . For the time being LucyPWR is now located on a free lot in between a new build housing area .